Inspired in Italo Calvino's The Invisible Cities, this rug collection is the result of a very happy colaboration with Ferreira de Sá, one of the oldest carpet manufacturers in Portugal. Made with 100% pure wool, these pieces reflect a  journey through the universe of the representation of cities and mental maps. Featured in P3.


"It is easy to get lost in Eudóxia: but when you concentrate and stare at the carpet, you recognize the street you were seeking in a crimson or indigo or magenta thread which, in a wide loop, brings you to the purple enclosure that is your real destination. Every inhabitant of Eudóxia compares the carpet’s immobile order with his own image of the city, an anguish of his own, and each can find, concealed among the arabesques, an answer, the story of his life, the twists of fate." Le Città Invisibili, Italo Calvino

Eudóxia Presentation © Cláudia Rocha

Video Making Of  Eudóxia @ Ferreira de Sá © Miguel C. Tavares



"No one remembers what need or command or desire drove Zenobia's founders to give their city this form, and so there is no telling whether it was satisfied by the city as we see it today, which has perhaps grown through successive superimpositions from the first, now undecipherable plan. But what is certain is that if you ask an inhabitant of Zenobia to describe his vision of a happy life, it is always a city like Zenobia that he imagines, with its pilings and its suspended stairways, a Zenobia perhaps quite different, a-flutter with banners and ribbons, but always derived by combining elements of that first model.” Le Città Invisibili, Italo Calvino